Wine Shipping Laws


In the early 2000s, the US Supreme Court issued a ruling that allowed states to decide if wine could be shipped in or out of their particular state. This ruling opened up a whole new market for vineyards and wine clubs and freed up wine drinkers to enjoy bottles of their favorites that would have otherwise been available only by traveling to the vineyard or through special order through a distributor.

With this ruling, the Supreme Court helped loosen the regulatory grip that distributors had on the sale of wine.

The two major players in the shipping of wine are UPS and Fed Ex. The US Postal Service is now also venturing into the game as they see it as a revenue driver. Currently, Fed Ex allows wine shipments to be dropped off at the destination with no adult sigature required.


Who can ship wine and to whom?

The link below to the Fed Ex site outlines current restrictions regarding shipment of wines:

UPS also serves as a resource. Click on the link below:


Another great resource to learn about wine shipping laws in individual states is at the Wine Institute web site:

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